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Claim the title of being the best sewer battle turtle known in the whole universe. But before you can claim this title you have to defeat your opponent in an arena filled with stinky goo and deadly spikes. Use projectiles and clash against each other to show who is the best sewer battle turtle. 

Left Stick: Move
Right stick: Aim
Left Bumper: Dash
Right Bumper: Shoot
ALT-F4: Exit game

The first turtle that reachers 5 points wins the match, you will lose a point when you hit a spike. The game contains 2 stages, these will be selected randomly when starting the game.

- 2 Controllers

This game is a prototype and will remain a prototype. There are no plans to develop this any further, only bug fixing and chances are music will be added at a later stage. Feel free to donate, donations will go towards the development of other game prototypes. Or donate to a charity. 

- There is a known issue in which the game does not respond to the input of both controllers. Rebooting the game or personal computer sometimes fixes the issue.    

Install instructions

1. Unzip the file
2. Execute Mutant.exe


scaffa_mutant.7z 15 MB

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